Laberdolive, Domaine De Jaurrey, Bas-Armagnac 1989 - 0,7L


The distillation is done in a classic Armagnac still. The eau-de-vie is then aged for 3 years in new barrels. It then continues its aging for many years in old barrels. Once it is well aged, the ageing process is stopped by putting it in dame-jeanne

Laberdolive 1989 combines strength and finesse. 

Laberdolive is a family estate that has been producing Bas-Armagnac for 7 generations. 

The Jaurrey estate is located in the Douze valley, in the Armagnac region. It has been operated by the Laberdolive family since 1893. The armagnacs are produced from several grape varieties distilled and aged separately: baco, colombard, ugni-blanc and folle-blanche. The white wine is then distilled and aged for several years in French oak barrels. 

Laberdolive's Bas-Armagnacs are round, fruity and spicy. Exceptional products. 


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