Bozal, Tobasiche, Single Maguey Mezcal - 0,7L

Bozal, Tobasiche, Single Maguey Mezcal - 0,7L


The Tobasiche is a wild agave that needs twelve to thirteen years to fully mature. Typically characterized by its herbaceous and cedar-like aromatics with an earthy finish. 

In keeping with the 200-year-old tradition, the agave hearts are cooked in earthen pit ovens, later to be crushed and mashed by a stone wheel turned by a horse. Without the addition of artificial yeast, open-air fermentation allows the sugars to ferment utilizing naturally occurring yeast. The mezcal is then purified through a double distillation process.

With an unconventional sweet nose this mezcal exerts traces of quince, anise, and strong minerality. This bouquet is complemented by rich, herbaceous botanicals on the finish. 

On the steep hillsides of Oaxaca, Guerrero and Durango, Mexico, agaves grow wild and are highly sought after by local mezcaleros. These varieties of agave are very aromatic, with rich earthy notes and a savory smoky flavor. The heart of these agaves is extracted to produce a mezcal of extreme refinement.

At Bozal, they believe that a wild product makes a very rich and interesting spirit.

The Spanish word, bozal, translates to "wild" or "untamed", referring to the wild species of agave.


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